Those who shed their blood for me shall become my kin, and all those that follow shall be such thereafter.
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 IC Rules Of the Kingdom

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PostSubject: IC Rules Of the Kingdom   Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:49 am

These are the IC (In-Character) Rules all pack members must follow. If one does not follow these rules, there will be a warning. After that, depending on the weight of the infraction, two more strikes are allowed, until you will have to be kicked from the pack.

  • Betrayal of pack members is not allowed under any circumstances. Members guilty of betrayal will either be kicked from the pack or sentenced to death at the jaws of our higher-ups.

  • Mates within enemy packs are not permitted.

  • Stealing from other pack mates is a major infraction that is punishable by death or other harsh consequences. This includes pups, mates, parents, valuables, etc. without the other member's consent.

  • Your character can have a mate from another pack (as long as that pack is allied with us), and adopt pups/breed.

  • The Lord & Lady's word is law. Any who outright disobeys or fail to comply with given rules shall be punished.

  • Literacy is required. Each post must be at least 1 paragraph, but please try to write more in order to keep the roleplay exciting. A lack of energy and content for your partner to work with kills the scene. Lack of muse or writer's block is understandable, so make sure to let the other person know.

  • Cursing and gore is allowed, however try not to make it too extreme or excessive. We have younger people in the pack as well as around FH, so it is wise to tone it down if you are roleplaying in local as not to disturb others. Also, using sexual language/roleplay is allowed, though only in a private chat. (Ex: Party & Whisper)

  • Pups are not allowed to leave territory until they have been awarded their rank or reached a certain age. (8 months)

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IC Rules Of the Kingdom
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