Those who shed their blood for me shall become my kin, and all those that follow shall be such thereafter.
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 Blood Sharing

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PostSubject: Blood Sharing   Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:21 pm

This is the ritual that all recruits undergo to be initiated into the pack. During this process, the Royalty stands before the recruit and uses a sharp object or his/her teeth to make a small incision on his/her paw pad. The recruit will do the same. The recruit and the Royalty will then touch paws and initiate the mixing of blood. The Royalty recites a pledge that the recruit repeats. Afterwards the ritual is concluded. This symbolizes the recruit becoming part of the Kingdom; pledging their loyalty to their leader. Afterwards, the recruit may pick their rank and begin training.

The Pledge is as follows
"Those who shed their blood with me shall become my kin, and all those that follow shall become such thereafter."
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Blood Sharing
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