Those who shed their blood for me shall become my kin, and all those that follow shall be such thereafter.
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 Starting Ranks

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PostSubject: Starting Ranks   Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:06 pm

*For new members 8 Months of age and over

Soldier (Isv) - Soldiers serve as warriors of the pack. They defend the pack when needed, such as during battles, raids, or wars. They are responsible for sparring and training regularly in order to build up their strength, speed, stamina, and mental sharpness. Finely-tuned instruments of battle, these wolves aren't to be messed with. They not only use their skills to their advantage, but they protect their pack and it's members to their last breath if necessary.

Lookout (Ilv) - Lookouts are tasked with guarding the territory. They will approach any strangers that wander into our lands, and treat them kindly; offering things like food, water, medical assistance, or somewhere to rest. If strangers become hostile, the lookouts will escort the strangers away but will not hesitate to fight back if strangers attack first.

Tracker (Itv) - Being the hunters of the pack, they hunt for prey along with the advanced Trackers and Falconcers. They are to track and kill various types of prey to bring back to the rest of the pack, and often travel in groups. Tracker's are also responsible for cleaning the kill pile and making sure pack members are eating fresh, unspoiled meat.

Healer (Ihv) - Healers of the pack, these wolves are to aid injured or sick pack mates. They are responsible for foraging for medicinal plants and tools, and have a general knowledge of how to make mixtures/pastes for healing use.
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Starting Ranks
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