Those who shed their blood for me shall become my kin, and all those that follow shall be such thereafter.
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 Hierarchy of the Kingdom

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PostSubject: Hierarchy of the Kingdom   Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:07 pm

Status Guide
High Ranks - an uppercase 'X' is placed in the tag.
Middle Ranks - an uppercase 'V' is placed in the tag
Neutral Ranks - a lowercase 'v' is placed in the tag
Low Ranks - a lowercase 'x' is placed in the tag

Royalties (IRX)
Amount - 2
Leaders of the organization, they oversee all major decisions and ensure that things run smoothly. They are the only ones with the authority to welcome or banish anyone from the pack, and their word is law. Failure to obey will result in punishment. Royalties are to rule with respect and benevolence towards their subjects, and only use violence when it is needed.

Regents (IReX)
Amount - 2
Betas to the Royalties, these wolves are to take up commanding positions when the leaders are away, and will take over when needed. They ensure the efficient resolve of issues within and outside of the pack, and have authority to rank members up or down if needed. They will also use their power wisely just as the Royalties do.

Dignitaries (IDX)
As Dignitaries, these members oversee individual branches of the pack, and cater to the more personal needs of members. They do not play as big of a part in overseeing the pack as a whole, but they are well-versed in each branch, what they do, and how to solve problems within those branches. Commanding officers of each branch will come to the Dignitaries if an issue cannot be solved on their own. From here, word will be taken to the Royalties and Regents if needed.

Legacies (ILX) - rank for pups only
Amount - unlimited
These are the children of the Royalties, Regents, and Dignitaries. This rank, taken in pup hood only reflects their status and privilege within the pack. Once the pup reaches 8 months of age, this tag will be replaced with a starting rank just as all other adolescents take when they come of age.

Elders | *IeX - all elder members not retired Royalties | *IEX - elderly retired Royalties
Wolves who have grown too old to serve and have done their duty to the pack.

Adversary (IAV)
Amount - 4
Adversaries are the commanding soldiers of the pack. They are trained in advanced fighting techniques, combat skills, and use their strength for good. They will not attack unless needed, and have the authority to call their soldiers to battle, along with the Royalties and Regents. They may only rank up those within their branch.

Warden (IWV)
Amount - 4
Wardens specialize in protecting the pack from harm. While Adversaries focus more on offense, these wolves deal in defense. They often patrol the borders of the camp on watch for visitors. If a hostile visitor is approached, Wardens will be the first to step in and escort them away. If no threat is posed, they will allow the visitor entry. They may lead their branch into battle if needed and may only rank up others within their branch.

Falconer (IFV)
Amount - 4
Falconers are those who deal in hunting. They are well rounded in the art of hunting both small and large prey, where to find them, and how to take them down. They will often lead hunting parties to provide for the pack, and take on many apprentices at once. They may only rank up those within the hunting branch.

Shaman (IHV)
Amount - 4
Shamans are the highest ranking healers within the pack. They are skilled in advanced healing, are able to diagnose as well as treat known illnesses/injuries, and will come to the aid of anyone seeking medical help. Injuries or illnesses that cannot be treated by average healers will be taken to the Shaman(s). Only they can rank up members within their branch.

Soldier | *Isv - regular | *Isv I-III - advanced |
Amount - unlimited
These are the regular warriors of the pack. They will fight when needed and go to battle for their pack if it calls. Soldiers train under the Adversaries and often spar and train to build physical strength in order to serve to the best of their ability.

Lookout | *Ilv - regular | *Ilv I-III - advanced |
Amount - unlimited
These are the guards of the pack. They stand watch for visitors and defend the pack from hostile intruders if needed. They will stand alongside the Wardens and train under them as well.

Tracker | *Itv - regular | *Itv I-III  - advanced |
Amount - unlimited
These are the regular and advanced hunters of the pack. They are trained in tracking and killing a wide range of prey, but will not begin to perfect these skills until reaching the advanced levels of their rank. Trackers are vital to the packs survival and play a great role in providing for their association.

Healer | * Ihv - regular | *Ihv I-III - advanced |
Healers of the pack, as the rank states, these wolves will be trained under the Shamans. Skill ranges from knowledge of cleaning and bandaging different types of wounds, to locating and mixing many types of herbs as well as knowing when and how to use them. This rank takes a steady mind and a caring nature. Healers will be called on when needed and must always be available to lend a helping paw.

Recruit (Ir)
Amount - Unlimited
Wolves who are not yet part of the Kingdom, and have not completed their 3-day waiting period.

Fresh Blood (Ifbx) *Does not apply to Legacies
Amount - unlimited
Pups between 0-8 months of age.

Omega (Iox)
Amount - unlimited
Wolves who have disobeyed their superiors or committed an offense deserving of a temporary stripping of ranks. If offenses are not repeated, they will gain their former rank back after their punishment.
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Hierarchy of the Kingdom
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